Your Prospects Don’t Buy Woofers and Tweeters On Yellow Pages Advertising

Ready to spend a few thousand dollars at a nearby business, I reached for my Yellow Pages directory. I “wanted” to update my stereo system and understood I wanted in-town service support – I wanted to purchase locally.

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One stereo shop had a large location map, although he was on a popular major thoroughfare.

Gigantic business names and logos appeared at the top of most of the Yellow Page advertising. Some comprised email addresses and URL’s, supposing I was sitting at my computer not holding a telephone book prepared to generate a PHONE CALL.

And huge phone figures abound as if somehow the size of the number would favorably influence my decision-making process.

Like most other Stereophile, my love of music runs deep. It’s a joyful and emotion-filled hobby. I would like to be able to shut my eyes and believably imagine the actors playing right there facing me, belting my favorite makeup.

I would like every voice and instrument to sound dead-accurate, errorless and heartfelt. In other words, I would like a “personal control performance” in my home that will raise the hairs on the back of my neck and provide me humungous goosebumps as I revel in my favorite songs.

But the annuaire pages jaunes gratuit ads I saw in my directory never addressed what I wanted! Rather, the advertisements I saw created an abrupt and uncomfortable disconnect with my true desires.

Not one single Yellow Page advertisement talked to my enthusiasm and true love for music.

There wasn’t a drop of emotion available in at least one of these Yellow Page Ads! But voice recorders, magnets, tweeters, logos, maps and brand names will never stir my spirit. Or transfer me to telephone an audio store!

Go to your Yellow Pages ad right now. Do you know what your prospects are looking for? Are you attempting to persuade them to buy your items?

Or, are you believably convincing prospects that you may best fulfill their needs and fulfill their needs? Remember, people don’t buy stereos. They buy the glory of their musical experience. Which does your Yellow Page ad speech?

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