WhatsApp End users Get Voice Contacting Function


The users of Android edition of phones have good news. The program WhatsApp was awarded that the voice calling feature so that people can use the online telephony effectively. The company has already rolled out this update to some users couple of months back on a trial basis. girls phone number had in turn passed this update to others by making WhatsApp call during the time-limited invite windows. Since then, many users had used this attribute to generate call at far lower cost. But, they didn’t obtain any invites on this regard. This is why many people were not aware of this update for some time. It added that it is working on the iOS6 version of this update. The iPhone users began availing this feature after.

Initial Assessment

The company had sent the updates to a few people to check its new functionality. For its usage on a trial basis, the firm had even pushed its upgraded version in Google Play as well. Afterwards, the users needed to search out constantly for getting upgrades in their region in selected sites. There was still another source for getting the updates. Individuals downloaded the new version and used it to give their feedback. Depending on the opinions, WhatsApp brought some changes from the brand new attribute to get the last approval. Eventually, WhatsApp came out using the stable version that offered the voice calling facility.

How to Find this Feature?

The users can download the most recent version WhatsApp in the business site to activate its voice calling feature. Though this feature is seen on WhatsApp version 2.12.5 in certain Smartphones, people would need to download and install the latest 2.12.9 variant to find this performance fully. The folks will find the instructions for installing the new version and activation of the new facility in the organization website.

WhatsApp Voice Calling

After triggering this functionality, the consumer will find a brand new three-tab design which includes Contacts, Chats and Calls functionalities. They need to see the Calls tab to tap on the telephone icon to create a call. On tapping on the phone icon, they would get a contact list in which they may pick up a contact to make the very first internet call. As this feature isn’t supported in different variants of WhatsApp, they will not see in the listing of contacts of different men and women who have this brand new program installed. The company has attracted the voice call functionality in other popular cellular platform iOS6 a few months later. The users possessing phones with different platforms would have to wait for slightly longer time period.

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