What to Expect at Your USCIS Interview (Adjustment of Status/Green Card Cases)

As an Immigration Lawyer, I have found that a lot of men and women are anxious about what to expect at their USCIS Interview once they’ve employed for their Green Card by their spouse.Image result for Immigration Law

First, it’s essential to be sure to read through your Interview Notice carefully. Likewise, you won’t be able to enter the building unless you reveal your official Interview Notice, so be sure that you bring that with you. Your Interview Notice will list a large number of other documents to bring with you–from the birth certificate into your marriage certificate and more.

In case you have an excellent Immigration Lawyer representing you, your lawyer will have typically prepared the majority of these documents in advance for you and sent them along with your initial application. In this way, your interview is a lot less stressful, as the officer will already have everything at their fingerprints they will need.

It is necessary that you disclose to your lawyer whether you have been detained, rather than revealing this to USCIS could be a critical mistake for your case.

As soon as you put in your interview, the USCIS officer will typically be asking questions that will help them make sure that your marriage is valid. Hence, they could ask questions like”What was your first date?” “How did you meet?” “Are you living together?” And”Do you have any children together?” Likewise, they will normally look on your other files to be certain your marriage appears valid. In reality, they might ask you’re regarding your financial situation to make certain to have joined your financial lives like a normal married couple would do (e.g. having joint bank account, etc..)

Many interviews can be reasonably short–if your lawyer has already prepared and sent your evidence beforehand. In instances like this, your USCIS Interview is typically not as stressful or worrisome. However, your USCIS Interview is something your needs to take seriously, so prepare for everything you will need to set yourself up for success!

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