Shotgun Vs Rifle

Choosing the kind of firearm to search with is among the first and most important choices you will make as a hunter. The option over if or not a shotgun is better than a gun (and vice versa) was debated time and time again but why not include yet another opinion to the mix?

I will provide you my recommendation, compare the pros and cons of each firearm and hopefully assist you in making your choice.Image result for Cheap Airsoft Rifle png

For simplicity purposes, once I use the word SHOTGUN, I’ll encompass many version of this gun like the .410, 12 gauge and 20 gauge. On the flip side, when I reference RIFLES, I am referring to the fundamentals such as powerful air rifles, .22’s and .177’s.



-less precision required to hit goal

-easier to hit moving targets

-better suited to aggressive hunters or predators who like to move around from place to place or stem search

-faster and easier shot image becoming due to bigger shot picture

-can be successful in heavy cover when leaves conceal the squirrels more


-likely to get shot pellets in the meat

-can destroy the meat and fur (in case there is interest in drying or tanning the hide)

-not scope friendly

-could be heavier to carry than the gun

-ammo cost is usually greater

-louder report – potentially scaring away nearby squirrels

-more recoil



-quieter – might not spook nearby squirrels

-longer range for projectile

-less recoil

-more accurate shots

-preserves meat with accurate shooting (head/shoulder shots)

-can include a scope

-generally better for “sit and wait for” seekers

-generally lighter to carry than shotguns

-ammo is generally cheaper to buy

-easier to carry Lots of ammo due to the small size

-great clinic for other game shooting (deer, and so forth)


-larger bullet trajectory – can travel a mile+ or even more if not blocked (be cautious in areas if you do not know what’s around you)

-decreased accuracy if you have to shoot quickly or at a moving target (squirrels are notorious for being twitchy and energetic)

-have to “zero” and preserve extent (if used)

-more chalking to shoot and miss More Frequently

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