Are Electric Vehicles Really the Future For America?

Over the last decade there has been a lot of buzz on the new about electric powered cars. And while many people understand that we need to do something about fossil fuels not everyone is onboard with electric powered cars. Unless you are a liberal coo coo head you know that electric vehicles need to get charged. More often than not this power comes from nuclear powered plants. Something many of democrats are opposed to. There is more to how about our comfort? Things like personalization, car stereo, auto security, and more.

We contacted one of the top rated store for car alarm Miami and ended up in visiting Thunder Electronics in Miami, Fl. There Armando explained to me that in the 3 decades they have been in business, he have never seen an electric powered vehicles. They have worked golf carts but no electric powered vehicles. And how about car stereo? The reality is that 90% of electric powered cars have a pretty crappy car stereo system. In many cases entry level vehicles like Camaros and F-150 have better sounding car audio systems they electric cars costing 3-4 more. Nevertheless, we decided Steve Jackson at Hialeah Window Tinting, a leading provider of car stereo installation in Miami, about getting an auto sound system installed in an electric car. This noted that even though electric vehicles run on batteries, they are of a much higher voltage rendering them useless in regards to powering a high power auto sound system.

There are many other areas where electric cars continue to turn off consumers in general. The most obvious is driving distance. Despite of the brand Mazda or Ford all electric vehicles are limited to the driving distance between charges that his father aggregated by the fact that charging requires anything between five and eleven hours.At the end of the day that just like golf carts electric powered vehicles have a place in society what percentage it is still undetermined. Many of policies and customs that are common throughout places like Europe have had little success in the United States. As a matter of fact no one in the world does NASCAR like we do in the states. When it’s all said and done perhaps 10 years from now we may also realize that electric powered vehicles are not ideal for US consumers. As humans we also have to realize that we have to curve the amount of pollutants we put into the air and if electric vehicles are not the ideal fit for us perhaps we need to take a second look at hydrogen powered vehicles. It is with my engineering that I say that there are better options than electric vehicles. The issue is that is that they are not endorse by the liberal media therefore the US consumer is not aware of what else is out there. In just a few words they are being told that electric powered vehicles is all that is available and that that is what they have to buy and that is 100% false.

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